For over 25 years, we’ve successfully served as consultants to management in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Rather than work in a silo, we’ve developed extensive relationships with clients and professionals in a broad array of industries, allowing us to cross-pollinate benefits, insights and expertise.

Karpay diem Track Record



Global news media organization

US-based education services company


Maryland women's advocacy organization


Executed strategy for boosting state and local political news coverage.

Developed a strategic plan to launch a global education services homeschool product.

Developed and executed recommendations to improve outcomes for women in divorce and separation.


Reversed long-term decline in a critical business-to-business sector.

Established new multi-million dollar business segment in rising education services market.

Guidelines used by practitioners and state court judges.

US health care media companyDeveloped and executed strategic plan to re-invent physician referrals to US medical centers.Established multi-media portal as leading brand in highly competitive health care market segment.

Construction industry services businessLed fast-track development of strategic plan following private equity investmentDiversified beyond commodity business by adding higher margin product and service offering.

New York community foundationDeveloped and executed leadership development program for management teamBoosted key metrics of leadership team within six months.

Baltimore education nonprofit groupLed development and implementation of 3-year strategic planning processWon approval to launch a public charter school in a highly competitive US market.

East coast regional media companyLed development of multi-market consolidated branding strategyEstablished regional multi-media brand.

Photography/lifestyle media companyBusiness development consultant on launch of new print magazineSuccessful brand launch; corporate parent designated one of Inc's fastest growing private companies

Health care service providerDeveloped strategic planSuccessful relaunch of regional health care provider

Top ranked global medical teaching institutionLed development of strategic planSuccessfuly launch of global interactive education portal for medical residents

Largest independently owned staffing company in DC metro areaLed development of new business development strategyTurned traditional staffing model inside-out and created new market segment for corporate parent

Mid-Atlantic regional diversified media companyLed development of strategic planSuccessfully launched new business segments with high revenue growth and profit margins

State legislative databased and directory businessBusiness development plan for expansionGrew market share by over 300% in 18 months

State legislative databased and directory businessBusiness development plan for expansionGrew market share by over 300% in 18 months

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