Karpay diem is a U.S. boutique management consulting firm that helps leaders of businesses and nonprofit organizations develop and accomplish ambitious goals. We do this through strategic planning, leadership development and business development.

Kenneth Karpay,  managing partner, Karpay diem LLC.

For over twenty-five years Ken has been working with senior executives and their management teams to help develop and execute ambitious goals and strategies. Ken thrives on tackling big challenges and helping clients to collaborate as high performing teams. His clients include established global brands, like The Associated Press, Johns Hopkins Medicine, as well as visionary entrepreneurs. Read More.

Jeannette Karpay, partner, Karpay diem LLC.


Since 1983 Jeannette has worked as an advocate for children, students and families as a public interest lawyer, program director and consultant. For the past ten years she has focused on advocacy for improving public schools in Baltimore, serving as a consultant to community development and education nonprofit organizations. Read More.

Alyson Siclare, Project Manager

For over 10 years, Alyson has been managing projects of all shapes and sizes, all with the same goals: getting the job done correctly, effectively, on time, and most importantly, to the satisfaction of the client. Alyson's lifelong passion for competitive sports gives her that extra drive and ability to stay focused and be highly successful. Read More.