We help transform leadership talents of individuals or groups into high performing teams. Great leaders build incredible organizations. We know how to help you establish a culture of great leaders with these services:

Team Assessments

We use a highly regarded benchmarking process that allows a systematic analysis of your leadership team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Customized Programs

We develop and rollout leadership programs customized to each team either in single, multiple or virtual locations.

Team Retreats

We plan and lead off-site leadership retreats, meetings or on-going education programs tied to specific goals.


We help identify and match individual team members with the right executive coaches.


We provide on-going reviews of team and leadership dynamics focused on goals and outcomes.

“Karpay diem is less concerned with showing people what they know than helping clients refine and build on what they know themselves.”

-- Sue Cross, Senior Vice President, the Associated Press.

We have over 20 years experience helping to mold and develop high performing executive teams.

The benefits of developing and implementing a leadership development program in your organization include:

Identify strengths of your team and understand how to play to those strengths
Understand how to avoid the weaknesses within your team
Develop clear succession planning
Improve individual team performance
Reduce wasting time and pointless meetings
Identifies future leaders among middle managers
Improves organizational culture