We have an extensive track record helping organizations identifying and launching new products and services, or retrofit existing ones to better meet the needs of the target audience. These services are provided to both for profit and nonprofit organizations. 

 We help leaders develop and realize ambitious goals:

1. Establish core strategic planning team
2. Conduct research with customers, clients, donors, etc.
3. Develop or revise organization’s Vision, Mission & Values
4. Establish goals
5. Establish strategies
6. Establish tactics, time lines and responsibilities for the plan
7. Plan how to communicate and implement the plan
8. Establish regular check-ins to measure progress

Our services include:

Identifying new market opportunities
Analysis of product or service deficiencies
Qualitative assessments of new or existing product/service launches

Target industries:
We offer over dozens of years expertise in business development services in:

Education services
Health care
Numerous segments of the nonprofit world

“They are exceptional, results-oriented problem solvers...”